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The survey period for this investigation has now come to an end. The Serious Fraud Office will not be able to accept any further submissions from this form.

As our investigation progresses we will publish on our website updates on it. We recommend that you regularly check the website for information.

We ask that, as time goes on, you always make sure the SFO has your most recent contact details: address, telephone number and email address, so that we are able contact you, if we need to, in the future. Please send details of your change of address by post to: HLM01 Case Controller, Serious Fraud Office, 2-4 Cockspur Street, London, SW1Y 5BS, or by email to:

It may assist you to understand that the size and complexity of SFO investigations mean that they can take some time to complete. When you take this into account, combined with the time it may take for the case to progress through the court system if any charges are brought, you will understand that it could be some time before any conclusion to this matter is reached.

We should also explain that it is not possible at this time to give you any information about compensation. (By this we mean: whether an application could be made, at the end of any case, for the Judge to order that the suspects compensate you for your lost investment). We will simply not know what the position is until a full investigation has been completed.

We are afraid that the SFO is not able to give you legal advice in relation to this. We remind you that your local Law Centre or Citizens’ Advice Bureau may be able to assist.

Thank-you once again for your assistance in this investigation.